Smart money for entrepreneurs
with courage & heart

We invest in start-ups SaaS where we can contribute
our experience gained from our entrepreneur-ships on both sides of the ocean.

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Sailing through the ocean requires preparation & experience.

At Ocean we help entrepreneurs and start-ups not just in a financial way but with the confidence having crossed the ocean on multiple occasions.

Our reason for being

We invest where we can add.

We love the models SaaS B2B related with management, technology & mobility; entering very preliminary rounds in seed stage or early stage.

  • Entropu
  • Optimus Price
  • Around
  • Holded
  • Landbot

What’s said with their own words

We know how to emphasise and connect with entrepreneurs with which we invest in especially bad times.

"They have been fundamental to the survival of Optimus Price. From start they sensed the projects shortcomings and contributed to their solution. Always available when you need them, wether you need advice or to rant."

Carlos Fenollosa
CEO de Optimus Price.

"Comrehensive, inteligent & ready. They helped us in the beginning defining the core process of the product and came back to support us in a financial downturn."

Alejandro Pons
CEO de Tuvalum

"They’ve been a guide you can’t put a price on for Entropy’s journey. Their involvement on a personal level, human quality and experience has been priceless. On top of that their constant ear pulls have been truly strategic and necessary. I hope we keep doing more business together!"

Arturo Díaz
CEO de Entropy

"They are key investment partners for success in any project thanks to their unique trifecta: Focus and perseverance with fun, they dominate the art of landing on good agreements for everyone, they are co-responsable of the problems that might occur and always looking to be part of the solution."

Rodolfo Torres
CEO de Sendai

"Andreu and David - now in Ocean - They were our first business angels, and since day one they have stood beside the company and the entrepreneur team, supporting, listening and giving input in order to have a big project. Without a doubt I would have them as partners again. "

Jesús Monleón
Founder de Seedrocket

"They are investors with a huge passion for growing companies and entrepreneurs, they’ve done it before and their experience is gold. Constantly they prioritise and land on a strategy to follow. Thankyou!"

Martin Haiek
CEO de Around

"We’ve know each other since our youth. We were partners in a company that we sold in 2013, and recently we have partners back up for a new endeavour, creating health technologies to save lives."

Cristian Martí
Presidente de

"They supported Cornershop from the start. Always ready to help!"

Oskar Hjertonsson
CEO y Co-Founder Cornershop

"We studied together and were partners in Letsbonus Mexico. Great friends and people. Brilliant professionals with a lot of experience in funding and investing In start-ups."

Miguel Vicente
Chairman Antai Venture B y Presidente Barcelona Tech City

"Their input in Closer2event was economical but their help with ideas, alliances and operational strategies was even more valuable. We’ve always been very comfortable. In fact I’d like to invest and be a part of Ocean."

Victor Corominas
CEO Closer2event


We invest our own capital.

We don’t do this to gain money: We look to contribute & learn.

We contribute experience and companionship in scaling and internationalisation.

We have a social side.

In early stages: Pre-seed & Seed

We can reach series A and we like to follow along in later rounds post our first investment.

We like getting involved in the points where we can support entrepreneurs the most: scalability, product-market-fit and internationalization.

We’ve launched numerous of our own ventures from zero in different international markets and invested as business angels for a long time. We continue to be entrepreneurs.

20% of our benefits are put into social projects with environmental impact. The evolution of society and our environmental consciousness is something that worries us

To invest a certain degree of involvement is required, We don’t only search for capital instead people or organisations that could add to the project(not only on an economical level). We have bonded thread of strategic people under the figure of Limited Partners.

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